My High Bandwidth Bucket List

As a blogger and an Internet Junkie, I spend a lot of time online. When I say a lot, I mean A LOT!! Researching for posts, SEO optimisation, image search, custom graphics… all gets done online. And once the post is up, tweeting, facebooking, putting it on Indiblogger etc etc etc. Then there is Instagram and Eye Em for photo sharing.

I do all of these and still feel that there is so much more that I can still do! Today, Vlogging is what Blogging used to be, say five to seven years ago. Every one is getting on to video. An app like Snapchat allows us to do micro vlogging! I just got on to snapchat by the way!

Ankita Snapchat

Well, you know what happens when one wants to do all that activity online. Right? You have a large internet demand. I do so many activities online that I bought another 3G sim and carry two smart devices. Even after that, I feel restricted sometimes. For example, I am not able to browse you tube videos on the go 🙁 When Airtel launched its 4G services, I was super duper excited!!! I began to think of what I could do if I had that kind of speed at my disposal. Here is a short list I came up with…

  1. I would watch tons and tons of YouTube videos. Given the state of Indian television content, people have been forced to look at other alternatives for their daily dose of entertainment. YouTube has filled that gap perfectly. I love watching Lisa Eldrige’s makeup videos to better my skills. I thoroughly enjoy the Indian comedy sketches! They are the perfect bite sized entertainment at the end of a long work day. I do check out a lot of YouTube stars like Lily Singh and Sherry Shroff when I can. It would be so cool to be able to do all that on the fly. On the way to work for example. Even traffic jams would not spoil my mood then.
  2. I would try my hand at vlogging. It is the in-thing to do. Right? I can imagine why. It is easier to talk than to write. And the output has a much bigger mass appeal 🙂 So many of my blogger friends make awesome videos these days and to say that I am tempted would be an understatement!!!
  3. I would listen to music online. My tastes in Music are varied. I enjoy songs in Hindi, English and regional languages. Depending on my mood, I enjoy fast and peppy numbers as much as the slow and peaceful ones. It is not possible to store every single song in your portable devices. The great thing is that there are many many portals and apps today that allow you to stream and listen to music legally.

These are my top 3 things. In the age of instant gratification, a 4G network sounds like a total bliss!! No?

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  1. Andapo

    Yes 4G network and speed would be like a dream indeed!!… can do a lot of video watching and vblogging, video blogging?…well that is interesting.

    1. Post

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)