New Hairdo: Bangs & Layers

Hiya girls, when I tweeted about my new hairdo, Zara and Ankita wanted to see it. So, I went ahead and clicked a few pics.
Say hello to my glasses, making their first appearance on the blog!
I know the pic is a little blurry, but we have had no sun for four days now and the lighting is bad :(. So the hairdo is a full bang on the forehead with the length cut out in gradual layers. There is a story behind the bangs. Do you wanna know it? Heck, I’ll tell you anyways 🙂
I got a side swept fringe in my last cut and that grew out to an irritating length. When I was to head out to christmas & new year parties, I had no time to visit a salon. So, I took a pair of sharp scissors and hacked off the fringe into a straight crisp bang. Easy, eh? So this is what I looked like on Christmas
The quality isn’t that great either. This was taken on someone else’s digicam at night
Can you see how the rest of the hair fall in unruly layers? So to tame them, I headed out and got a proper cut this Friday. I love the bangs… haven’t had this hairdo since I was a little girl 🙂
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