Prunella ends the Purple woes

None of us are strangers to Colorbar I-Glide pencils….

If an I-Glide popularity poll was to be conducted, Prunella would feature right at the top! Few pencil liners boast of a vibrant purple as prunella. It is a fantastic jewel toned purple that showed up beautifully on my dark lids. I first noticed this colour when Tanveer of ATB swatched it in her Purple liners comparison post. Have you read it? No, then please click on the post link above and have a dekko. She has some fabulous purples! The shade are all pretty but when I saw then Prunella stood out. N, it actually called out to me. Till that point, I had never even thought of a purple liner. I had black, brown, blue and a green that looked horrible on me. Thats all the colors I would need. Oh, the naivety of noviceness! Anyway, since then I have been to the colorbar counter often and it was always out of stock. I tried other purple liners but none seemed good enough. It had to be prunella.

Yesterday, I finally got it and my purple liner quest has come to an end. Now, to find another quest….. 🙂

My camera is out of action and hence no actual swatch of the product. But then, you’ve all seen it. Right? 

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