Why Do We Need Exams in School? #MicroblogMondays

“No exams? What!!! How will we know the progress of the kid?” “Exams must be there to know what the kids have learnt” “I wouldn’t know how my kid is doing unless there are regular exams. Weekly tests, unit tests, midterms must all be held!” When such opinions were put forth in my daughter’s school group, I realised that I am a minority. There are just a few of us who say that scheduled exams are not a good idea and that the teachers must do a continuous evaluation and surprise tests. Most parents wanted regular exams. In fact, some

College Dunia

A few days back, I was having a discussion with my colleagues. There are four of us who occupy a cubicle. All four of us are Engineers  (after all we work in a Telecom company) and we were talking about alternate careers and what we could have done with our lives instead. Needless to say, I said that I would have been a writer. A colleague of mine said that he would love to be the producer of a travel show. We started talking about how all of us just did engineering. I was reminded of this quote then.. India