What does Instagram know about me?

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed this morning and was curious about the ads that were shown to me. Why were these particular ads shown? What was the basis of targeting? What does Instagram know about me? I took screenshots and then tried to analyse what Instagram knows about me. So, here are the ads : Smaaash Smaash is a Mumbai based sports and entertainment centre. I have been there twice in the last few years. I was quite surprised when this ad showed up on my feed. I am neither into sports nor do I visit a lot of

11 #Instagram Accounts I Love

Are you an Instagram addict? I sure am… On days that I am not reading, I spend majority of my time going through my Instagram feed. I also feel that the fantastic filters and the simple interface helps elevate everyday mobile photography and also serves as a great place to showcase your photography skills. There are several gems I found here and I think you should totally check them out! 11 Instagram Accounts I Love DivsiGupta Divsi or Divyakshi is a professional photographer as well as blogger who loves Doors, Windows, Rugged landscapes and Food. On her Instagram account you