11 #Instagram Accounts I Love

11 Instagram Accounts I Love

Are you an Instagram addict? I sure am… On days that I am not reading, I spend majority of my time going through my Instagram feed. I also feel that the fantastic filters and the simple interface helps elevate everyday mobile photography and also serves as a great place to showcase your photography skills. There are several gems I found here and I think you should totally check them out!

11 Instagram Accounts I Love


Divsi or Divyakshi is a professional photographer as well as blogger who loves Doors, Windows, Rugged landscapes and Food. On her Instagram account you will find unique captures from around the country and the world. I particularly love her Punjab and Vrindavan captures.


Sid is not only a Ninja Dad and a writer excellence but also an awesome photographer. His Instagram feed is full of his creative captures that carry equally interesting descriptions.

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Taking a deep breath, she climbed the final hurdle. Slowly, she stood up, carefully placing her right leg atop the precariously placed rock. White, fluffy clouds swirled around her, icily greeting her and making her gasp for breath. As if on cue, a wind whipped her auburn hair across her face and her eyes began to water. Steadying herself, she peeked over the rocky surface, curious to see the valley. All she could see was the dizzying drop and a vast expanse of flat clouds, carefully guarding the landscape below, like soldiers outside a castle. A lopsided smile appeared on her now-purple lips. "I did it!" she whispered happily, her teeth chattering as the wind grew stronger. "I really did it! I am on top of the world!" #fiction #mountains #clouds #landscape #nature #skies #colours

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All jewellery lovers will heart this Insta account! Deepika Gill makes stunning jewellery combining traditional and contemporary designs. Each piece is unique and packed off lovingly with cute hand written notes.


Vaisakhi Mishra loves to travel and she chronicles them with gorgeous pictures. Her architecture shots with plays of light and shadow bring the silent buildings to life

Tara Nair

I love Tara’s Instagram feed because it is so different! She is a calligraphy artist and you see loads of handwritten inspirational quotes on her feed. If you love stationary, give her a shout out..


Alok Singhal travels the world and clicks some brilliant pictures. I love the framing of his waterscapes…


Harman’s Instagram feed is an eye makeup lover’s delight. Be it recreating celebrity looks, everyday eye makeup or editorial looks, she executes them all with finesse!


Zainab makes gorgeous dream catchers. Be it a wall decoration, jewellery or key chain, each piece is handcrafted with love.


Three words describe this feed – Food, Travel, Stunning! Enough Said


Our very own celebrity travel blogger, Prasad is as humble as he is talented. His Instagram feed boasts of his travels to varied places like Petra at one end and hamlets in the heart of Punjab at the other.


Vipra, a real life Rapunzel takes fashion for the girl next door to another level on her blog! Her Instagram feed is full of her creative outfits shot at unusual locations. She is my daily dose of fashion inspiration

What are some of your favourite Instagram accounts? Do comment below and leave the links. I would love to check them out!

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  1. Anks!!! I just saw this!! ( been traveling last week)
    So so thrilled to see my name here:) truly humbled and elated. It feels so encouraging to know your fellow blog buddies love your work and and feature it on their blog! 🙂 thanks so much! <3

  2. Totally humbled to be on this list… thanks a lot , only one thing I disagree… I am no celebrity or anything even close to that …. The good thing is I already follow some of these wonderful folks here and sure will check others.

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