#AtoZChallenge : JK Rowling Quote

J K Rowling Quote

Today’s authour is JK Rowling. The JK Rowling quote I have chosen is [Tweet “Our choices show what we truly are, far more than our abilities – @jk_rowling #AtoZChallenge”] Potterheads will know that this line was said by Professor Dumbledore to Harry in book 2; Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. For those unfamiliar with …

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#AtoZChallenge : Issac Newton Quote

Issac Newton Quote

Today’s authour is Issac Newton. The Issac Newton quote I have chosen is [Tweet “We build too many walls and not enough bridges – Issac Newton #AtoZChallenge”] In literal terms, our cities are full of walls… the walls make houses, offices, clubs and their boundaries. The bridges, they are complex to build, need time and …

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