How to write a Gratitude List

In 2012, I learnt about the Law of Attraction. One of the tools that helps you manifest your desires is a Gratitude List. I understood the concept of it and thought it was simple enough to adopt. I even started an anonymous blog to write down my gratitude lists and successes with manifestation. And then I realised that I did not know how to write a gratitude list. The first two three days were easy. My health, my family, my job, my material comforts. Then what? I could go on repeating it but that was not helping. It became monotonous and

Belief, Gratitude and Bouncing Back

I have been missing from Blogging and Social Media for some time now. Was busy at work, there was a bit of travel and a whole bunch of things that needed to be done. Then, 2 days back, I tweeted this on a whim… Not been blogging, not been on social media…. has anyone missed me??? — LifestyleProBlog (@LifstyleProBlog) June 23, 2015 Immediately, my friends responded like this… given that tweets vanish in seconds and not minutes, I was touched 🙂 Thank you all my wonderful twitter friends! Sometimes a few kind words like these above are enough to cheer