A Guided Meditation Video for Children

A Guided Meditation Video for Children
It’s children’s day and I wish all the mommies and their kiddos a very happy children’s day. Today I want to talk about something that is not generally associated with kids activities. Meditation. When we were growing up religion and spirituality was intermingled. In my house, we were taught to do pujas As per Hindu rituals with the singular aim of appeasing the gods. Since my knowledge was gained from Ramanand Sagar TV shows and a few books that published mythical stories for kids. In all of those Meditation or Tap was done to ask for a boon from the chosen God. Again, a religious thing. It was much later as I grew older that I realise that meditation has nothing to do with religion. In fact, if you look at the synonyms, meditation means contemplation or reflection. Meditation for me had become a tool for relaxation, beating stress and channelling my energies into the task at hand. Needless to say, a tool like this can benefit everyone – even our children. After all, they too lead pretty stressful lives today.
I tried to introduce my daughter to meditation several times. Each time, it was with meditation music. She’d start it enthusiastically but quickly lose interest. A few days back, I came across a great guided meditation for kids. Thriive Art & Soul partnered with Ilona Selke, best-selling author and empowerment coach to record a meditation specially for children. In her gentle voice, through an imaginative narrative, she guides them into mindfulness. I loved this meditation when I heard it. Why? Here are three reasons why:
  1. It is in the form of a story. So, it does a very good job of keeping the little ones engaged. They use Aladdin, his magic lamp and attaining super powers which are very interesting for children.
  2. The story illustrates the Law of Attraction without actually stating the law. For kids, this is a practical example of manifesting your desires without explaining the theory behind it.
  3. it covers gratitude and sharing in a very seamless way so there are good moral lessons for the kids.

Over the last few days, we tried the meditation thrice. The good thing is my daughter liked the story and readily agreed to listen to it each time. The bad thing is that each time she fell asleep before the guided meditation was over! I don’t blame her. Ilona Selke’s soothing voice and the background music is so calming and relaxing that it is easy to fall asleep. Genetics are also at play here. I too have often fallen asleep during guided meditation sessions, at times during corporate trainings that caused very embarrassing moments for me. I digress! I am sure the good folks at Thriive did not aim to create a lullaby video but it serves that purpose too. In fact, during her afternoon nap once, my daughter actually asked for this video to be played.

If you’d like to try it here is the link to the video

If you have young kids and would like to introduce them to meditation, this is a good starting point. Once they are used to the concept of guided meditations, you could move on to the theory of Law of Attraction, Manifestation, Gratitude and Mindfulness – all of which they would be able to relate back to what they have heard in this story.

Do you practice meditation with your kids or plan to introduce them to it? What are the resources you use?

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