Thank you Tanveer for the Wheat Belly Diet

This post is an ode to the gorgeous Tanveer from Addicted to Blush. Hers was one of the first Indian Beauty Blogs I discovered back in 2010. I remember reading all of her posts over a lonely weekend! She is one of the more sensible beauty bloggers who does not partake in the rat race. And that’s what makes her blog a joy to read.


Recently, she posted about her weight loss journey is the ATB BB series. After an extensive research, she embarked upon a lifestyle change that has led her to lose a whooping 15 kilos in just 4 months! You read that right people, 4 months. In the ATB BB series, she talks about her research, the findings, the reasons for adopting a lifestyle and a practical guide to adopting it. When I read up based on ther recommendations, the Wheat Belly Diet made a lot of sense to me. Even if you aren’t looking to lose weight, this series is worth a read for the health benefits alone.

But the reason I am doing this post is to thank her. I have been looking to make lifestyle changes and adopt a better diet for ages. I kept slipping in an out of things. Tanveer’s story has inspired me so much  and given me a push in the right direction. The week she started her BB series, I had been trying the GM diet. I gave up after 2 days because I just could not continue. I wasn’t exactly happy about my lack of control. And then I read about her transformation. over the weeks, as she revealed her story, I realised I could do it as well. I am sure her story has inspired a lot of others too. The best part is the diet changes fit into our busy lifestyle. I for one, cannot spend 2 hours everyday sweating in a gym or eat a small meal every 2 hours or count calories. With a job, a kid and a home to take care of, I often struggle to find time for myself. These may seem like poor excuses to some, but making a huge change requires a lot of effort. And so, I have decided to start small. I have set a goal to stop my wheat intake altogether and exercise for 30 mins everyday. Baby steps. I hope I continue on this. Wish me luck!

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