When #LaundryGoesOddEven

In most Indian households, men doing housework is odd, more so when the man in question is your elderly father in law! I am one of the blessed few who gets tremendous support in chores from my FIL. When I was invited to do the Laundry Goes Odd Even challenge, he readily agreed.

For our challenge, we used the Ariel Matic washing powder specially made for washing machines. Having a fully automatic washing machine does make it incredibly simple to get your laundry done. You however need to be careful of washing your delicate clothes in a different mode and sorting out clothes based on colour. Even if one garment bleeds, all the others get messed up. To take care of this, we did the following arrangement –

  • Odd Days – Dad would wash the regular clothes. Things like t-shirts, light coloured clothes etc. where there is no danger of colour bleed. Anything he was not sure of, he would leave it for me
  • Even Days – I would wash the clothes that needed special attention. This included Jeans, my delicate tops, baby’s lacy frocks or even the clothes with deep colours
Ariel Matic
Ariel Matic

At the end of 7 days, we talked about how the experience has been. Dad said it was not a burden at all. Since he did use to do the laundry on and off if I was travelling or busy. In fact, the odd-even rooster threw him off-balance. He said I had a tougher time remembering the day than actually doing it! As for me, I got a lot of peace knowing someone is sharing my load and those extra five minutes to do my makeup before leaving for work in the mornings! That my friends is the secret of eyes done like this in the middle of last week!

Dark eyes #eyes #eyemakeup #fotd #kohl #apricotlips #lakmelipstick #officelook

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I was inspired to do the challenge with my FIL and not my hubby when I saw this beautiful ad by Ariel on dad’s helping with the laundry. It is a must watch!

I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda and was sent the washing powder to use for this challenge.

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