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#AtoZChallenge : Aristotle Quote

#AtoZChallenge : Aristotle Quote

Today’s authour is Aristotle.  The Aristotle Quote I have chosen is:

Aristotle Quote
AtoZChallenge – Aristotle Quote


This quote speaks to me because I firmly believe in Quality. In fact, quality versus quantity is always a raging debate in my head. If I have to do a ob, I have to do it well. I have to do it to my satisfaction and uphold my standards of acceptance. I am not a perfectionist by any means, but I do have high standards. By ensuring what I do, in my personal or professional life adheres to quality gives me happiness and the satisfaction of a job well done. A sloppy job would be an act for me that bothers me no end. Yes done is better than perfect only when there is danger of not having done anything. The moment a job is done, the quality is under scrutiny. What is important to remember that most people who look at what you have done will only have the output and it’s quality to look at – not the effort and circumstances behind it.

I remember a story about a sculptor who has helped carve out the caves of Ajanta and Ellora. He was given the deepest and the darkest recess of the wave to carve. He came in day after day, chipping away the stone bit by bit and turning it into a gorgeous statue. The statue has perfect proportions and intricate details. One day, someone asked him why he spent such a huge effort on a corner that was unlikely to be seen and appreciated. Unfazed, the sculptor replied that God was watching. He said that he had to be true to his profession and uphold standards of quality. For that sculptor, quality was truly a habit, not an act.


AtoZChallenge A: Aristotle Quote
AtoZChallenge A: Participant Badge

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