AtoZ Blogging Challenge – D for Delivery

If there was a Genie in a magic lamp who could tell me that you could choose one and only one thing that would always be perfect in your corporate life, I would choose this without batting an eye lid. Delivery. What you deliver to your organisation, to the team. It is basically your work and the value you bring to the table.

AtoZ Blogging Challenge – D for Delivery

I have realised that if your deliverables are in order, every other error or incompetency fades into the background. You need lots of things to survive, to grow in the corporate world. Delivery is the forefront of it all. When I day delivery I don’t mean someone having to the a task all by themselves. It means taking responsibility of something and making sure it gets done. It could be as simple as churning out a presentation by end of the day or ensuring that your department of a 30 or so trainees functions like clockwork. It is the ability to achieve the desired results. My two cents of delivery:

  1. Get as much clarity on your deliverable as possible. We often work in an environment of change and chaos. We launch projects not knowing the extent of work. Even in such a situation, try and get that clarity. Talk to different people. Even if the clarity you get is “No One Knows What To Do!” it is worthwhile to put in the effort. You can start preparing yourself for the unknown and every eventuality. If you work in a process oriented environment, chances are you know what is expected from you last down to the last T. Something like this will allow you to plan impeccably.
  2. Set Expectations. I learnt this quite late and wish I had known this sooner. A HUGE part of ensuring your deliverable is accurate is managing expectations. Let the concerned people know of any delays, any changes that may impact the quality, quantity or completion of your deliverable. As soon as you possible can. Transparency in setting expectations goes a long way in ensuring people are satisfied with your delivery. No one likes nasty surprises.
  3. Plan. Review. Course Correct. Communicate. Yes, I know this sounds like a PMP mantra. But this is truly the way to manage deliverables. No matter how small. Plan. Review. Course Correct. Communicate. Repeat. Repeat Again!
  4. Don’t fret over the ones that slipped. Some deliveries will slip. Don’t wallow in them. learn whatever you can and move on to the next one. You don’t want the domino effect of one botched delivery on another now. Do you?

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    1. So true… and the principles that apply to real life also do so in corporate life… it is not very different…

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