#AtoZChallenge : Einstein Quote

Einstein Quote

Today’s authour is Einstein. The Einstein Quote I have chosen is

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Einstein Quote
A to Z Challenge – Einstein Quote

For as long as I can remember, I have been called creative. I used to draw and paint, write and make up tonnes of stories. I was also considered moderately intelligent. But something about creativity being the fun element of intelligence is amazing. This quote is especially true for people who equate intelligence with success. For students, it becomes success in exams, for adults, success at work or running the home. Creativity gets pushed back to a good to have quality. No?

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  1. Intelligence and creativity aren’t mutually exclusive, but I do wish creativity took the wheel more often than getting pushed to the backseat.

  2. If everyone was given a chance to create what they love, without the pressure of success or money, there wouldn’t have been so many frustrated youths in our country. Wonderful quote.

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