Vanity alert… If you are not vain (or pretend to be) and are not interested in other’s vanity, please read my next post Escape!

As a child, I had a bob cut. Then I started school with a blunt cut and a straight fringe. Like all little girls, I was fascinated by long hair and wanted to grow mine out. i think i told mum in class 3 or 4 about it and thereafter did not cut my mane. They grew long, really long and i was bored of it after a few years. By this time everyone oohed and aahed over my long flowing locks and mum refused to let me cut it. It took months of pursuation before she relented and what fell to my thighs was shortened to what fell to my shoulders! I was in class nine then and for the next one month, answered this question everyday

“Why did you cut your hair???”

I grew it back and they reached the same length by the time I was done with college. I chopped it off again in 3 years and for the last four years my hair has been shoulder length. I have tried a lot of variations of the same basic cut and love changing it up every three months 🙂 But finding a good stylist and sticking to them has been a pain!! First I went to Habib’s (the real one, not a franchisee) and paid Rs 560 for a wash, cut and blow dry. This went on for a year and a half. It was expensive for sure, but the service more than made up for it. I never had to wait, I could pop in after a hectic day at work and not worry about oily hair (they’d wash it before the cut), after the cut, I could get it blow dried or set with rollers. Since I was doing this once in 3-4 months, I was ok with the price. Then, they hiked the price to Rs 750 which seemed a bit too steep.

I then found Alps. This was closer to my place and even though the service wasn’t as good, I liked the stylist. He did my hair for another year. last December, he gave me a fantastic cut that got me a lot of compliments. But I got irritated by him trying to cross sell all the time. Which shampoo do you use? Try this, try that. Try this treatment of ours, try that… blah blah… A bit too pushy. So, I went around looking for a change…

The, I found a Habib’s franchisee and popped in there for a cut. Unimpressive is the word abt the stylists… Nothing different from the ladies in our neighbourhood parlour if you know what I mean. I told her what I wanted and she didn’t do it. Then, I had to tell her again after she had “finished”. She cut again. Now, the layers on both sides of my face were different lengths!!! I pointed this out to her and she said no m’am they are the same. She pulled the lock straight and met both ends to show me…..My thought was “What an idiot!!!” Step away, I told her and look into the mirror. She grudgingly agreed and set to work again. The lengths still did not match!!! Finally after another ten mins of effort, she managed to make it look ok. The cut looked fine for the next day but after a wash, it looks terrible… 🙁 Am so not going there again. Guys, if you go to a Habib express, be cautious…

And now I need a new stylist… sigh!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)