Kiddo, Shopping and some Girl Talk!

KidZania JAMMs

So it has been ages since I wrote. December end is generally slow work wise and there has been a rush to get things done. This checking off items from my to do list does feel great!

The kiddo and hubby have both been battling cold, cough and throat irritations for a while now. Those have been quite bothersome. But the one thing that I have learnt from the kiddo is that kid don’t let anything get in the way of fun. Whats a little illness? If she has to play, play she will. She does not care if her nose is blowing, if her temperature is rising or if her chest is congested. The moment her energy levels are up to it, her tricks begin! If only we adults could be like that. Not letting small things bog us down and springing back into action easily 🙂 Life would be so much more fun!

Speaking of fun, I sure am having some planning an upcoming vacation. I have to pack light and capsulise my  and my little lady’s wardrobe to get the maximum benefit. I am not known to pack light on vacations! This is going to be baby’s first train journey and mine in almost a decade. (Not considering the 4 hour shatabdi runs) An overnight train journey with a toddler who doesn’t sleep thru the night! This is going to be fun 🙂 I have shopped a lot of clothes for her that are roomier, to layer multiple sweaters underneath. I fail to understand why they make mostly pink clothes for little girls. Agreed that they look adorable and I too like to deck her in pink. But her wardrobe needs other colours as well. She cannot be wearing only pink all the time! There are many other lovely feminine colours that would look great on little girls like coral, sunshine yellow, mint, emerald, cobalt, purple, lavender and tangerine!

Speaking of shopping how disappointing was the online mega sale on 12th Dec? Being online shopping freaks, we were really looking forward to it. Sadly, it was all hype and no substance. The websites have better sales on their own! And to think they were comparing it to Cyber Monday. I think they will need more lucrative deals if they want this to become big…

And now for some girl talk! I had this sudden urge to arrange my lipsticks by colour the other day. Nothing wrong with that right? Except it was the middle of the night. Can you believe that? Attribute it to husband’s frequent travelling. The amnesia bug hits me big time. The day he is back, i am snoring away peacefully 🙂 oh well!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)