My excitement levels are sky high!!!

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Am soooo excited today! Something that I have been wanting for a while came true yesterday. Too early to reveal, but I know it will work out :)Also, I have been seeking answers to a few questions over that last couple of weeks. I have the answers now. I know the path and have begun walking on it. Feels like lightbulbs went around me 😀

Sure all is not hunky dory yet, but it is getting there…!

Winters have set in and my dependence on hand creams and lipbalms has gone up.  I am still searching for an effective, affordable chapstick. The rate at which I lose them in handbags and pockets is unbelievable. Yes, I have lots of handbags 😉

In other news, my kiddo went swimming last weekend. The water was cold but we stayed for half an hour. Swimming tops the quality time charts in my book. The whole experience was awesome and fun for both of us. Best part was when I got the jacuzzi pool started. The water started frothing and kuhu thought it was boiling. She stepped away from the poolside and said “Garam” Even when I told her it is not garam, she did not agree. I had to step into the water and hold some in my palm for her to touch to convince her that this water was not boiling. Smart, eh?

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)