MAC Fluidity Collection

MAC Fluidity

MAC Fluidity Collection – How gorgeous is the promo? I am not fond of editorial eye make up but this one is just gorgeous. Would you just look at that palette! Am just going gaga over it…

MAC Fluidity


Did you notice that Green? It is a fluidline pen in the shade Privet. That is the colour I am literally salivating after. Simply gorgeous. I want to buy a dress, bag and shoes in this colour and wear it with the liner. Yea yea, match much but I can’t help it. Such a gorgeous colour. The last time I went gaga over a colour like this was Maybelline Hooked on Pink and I ended up picking a lipstick, gloss and nail paint in that colour. Waiting for a chance to get this now… Hope the MAC Fluidity Collection hits the shelves soon 🙂



4 thoughts on “MAC Fluidity Collection”

  1. OMG! Such a gorgeous green indeed… Seriously Anks…. it deserves loads of love.. and what’s the paint pot kinda thing?

  2. I have used MAC fluid liquid liner. It’s a very goopy creamy stuff which can make or break the look depending on how pro are you at using. I hope these are easier to use.

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