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I think I landed on Nupur’s blog thru Ricky. You remember him from the first Meet The Blogger Series post. Don’t you? At that time, Nupur was a student. What I remember most were the posts around her marriage. I specially remember the post when she visited her hubby’s grandparents and was served dal with equal proportions of lentils and butter! And then FB happened again and we put faces to names. For those of you who have seen her pics will agree that she is equal measure chic and innocence. She has the best smile ever….! As cute as a little child. Hope you always remain that cute Nupur… 🙂 Oh and the beauty bloggers will understand this one – Nupur loves MAC 😉
Personal Information
  1. Your Online Name – Nupur
  2. Your Blog Link – [email protected]
  3. Your Real Name (in case the two are different) – Same
  4. Which country do you live in – Australia


  1. When did you start blogging? 2004
  2. What/Who introduced you to blogging? A friend from school – Kapil
  3. What was your first post about? “I have no idea”
  4. Did you refer your blog to answer the previous question? (Be honest here guys, this is not an exam!) YES!!
  5. Why do you blog (or did, if you are no longer active)? Just to log my experiences and share them with friends and family who are overseas.
  6. Do you have a blog related memory you cherish? (Please mention an incident) – Cant pick one!
  7. Who are the other bloggers you read? Not as much as I would like any more. Ricky, Colors, Anks, Kaush…
  8. Which is your favorite piece of work? (A blog post written by you) Oh this one is hard – May be my wedding posts right at the end. I still laugh when I read what I wrote at the time.. in 2006!
  9. A blog post by another blogger that you like a lot (Please do not mention a blog here. Refer to a specific post. It’s ok if you don’t have a link) – I used to really like witty short stories written by a blogger called “Deepak”…wonder if he still writes them.
  10. Do people you know in real life (friends, family etc) know about your blog? – Yes
  11. Do they read your blog? – I think they used to
  12. What do you think of the recent blogging phenomenon of category blogging like ppl who blog about technology or fashion or travel or food only? – I like the idea. I myself started a food blog during the time.
  13. For those who no longer blog, why did you leave? Life caught up with me… career – family life!
  14. Anything else you would like to share? I do wonder sometimes what it would be like if I started blogging again….. but so much has changed in Blogosphere!! I’m afraid I will be LOST!!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)