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Anjan or Preeti as we all know her is the epitome of sweetness. She started a blog with her husband Sachin and both of them would write their thoughts down. Preeti is very very creative. She sketches very well! The most memorable posts were their love story which they presented on the blog as a piece of fiction and revealed in the end J Preeti is now a mother of the cute Navya. A toddler, who takes after her mum in creativity. She loves to paint! Anjan has the mother goose instinct and I remember all the advice she gave me when I was to travel with Kuhu for the first time. I was worried sick and she gave me a lot of helpful information. I do hope she starts to blog again for her blogs offered a slice of life with art, culinary delights and snippets of everyday musings….

Personal Information

  1. Your Online Name

    Same as real, Anjan Bhandari, people know me by my nick name also, that is Preeti…

  2. Your Blog Link

    In the profile information, my other blogs can also be accessed..

  3. Your Real Name (in case the two are different)

    No it’s same, Anjanpreet Bhandari / Preeti

  4. Which country do you live in


  5. What do you do for a living

    Into Writing but technical 😀 Senior Technical Writer


  1. When did you start blogging?

    I think in 2005, I’ll have to check my blog for this J

  2. What/Who introduced you to blogging?

    I think I was doing some Google search and landed in someone’s blog, and from there I tried exploring and went on…

  3. What was your first post about?

    Welcome Post, I welcomed myself and others to the blog

  4. Did you refer your blog to answer the previous question? (Be honest here guys, this is not an exam!)

    No I did not, Referred now to crosscheck, Yes it was welcome blog only, on our Protoplasm, Confirmed, yes I started blogging in Oct 2005

  5. Why do you blog (or did, if you are no longer active)?

    I started out of curiosity, kept doing for my passion of writing something or other, now no more active or should say blog scarcely, time lack, had kid and most of the time spent with her.

  6. Do you have a blog related memory you cherish? (Please mention an incident)

    Memory as such , I made many good friends You, Ricky, Ekta, Ashish Sharma, Preeti Prasad, Neeti, Pinki, and few more… loved talking to them. As such no incident I remember to quote… the post were mine or Sachin’s (as he is co-owner too and my life partner as well 😉 )random thoughts. So no such particular memory..

    By digging back to memory lane , I remember writing about my own city Chandigarh, when I was in hyderabad and I was very nostalgic at that time that I was almost in tears, here’s the link

    Anks, Pinks, Aindrila, Reema, Use to read more but most of them like me have gone to hibernation phase…

  7. Which is your favorite piece of work? (A blog post written by you)

    Our Story J

  8. A blog post by another blogger that you like a lot

    Yeah a post by Ricky …”And the Award Goes too” , it always remained there in my mind, loved reading it and again got to know many good blogpost by different people..

  9. Do people you know in real life (friends, family etc) know about your blog?

    Yes, almost all the people I know , know about my blogs or rather our blogs..

  10. Do they read your blog?

    They used too, now we stopped writing..

  11. What do you think of the recent blogging phenomenon of category blogging like ppl who blog about technology or fashion or travel or food only?

    I think that is good for people who are looking for some specific information and infact I liked it a lot, sometime in future, when I again take back to blogging, I might also categorize it.

  12. For those who no longer blog, why did you leave?

    As mentioned earlier, it took break after my little angel came, then it is difficult to maintain blog apart from routine life, kid, job and her little little demands..

  13. Anything else you would like to share? (Pour your heart out here. Anything at all!!!)

    Yeah liked going back to the memory lanes, loved typing all the answers, as if I again took back to blogging.. will love to read the post by you and other ppl oops bloggers J answers..

    I sign off J

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