#AtoZChallenge : Stephen Covey Quote

Stephen Covey Quote

Today’s authour is Stephen Covey.  The Stephen Covey Quote I have chosen is

[Tweet “I am not a product of my circumstances but of my decisions – Stephen Covey #AtoZChallenge”]

Stephen Covey Quote
AtoZChallenge – Stephen Covey Quote

Stephen Covey is saying the same thing that Ralph Waldo EmersonJK Rowling and Henry Ford are, but in different words. It is our choices, decisions and actions that make up what we are. Circumstances are important yes, in opening up your mind and getting you opportunities but what you make of them and how you fight them is totally up to you. I always heard my mom say “Waqt se pehle aur kismat se zyada kisi ko kuchh nahi milta” meaning no one gets anything before or than what they are destined for. I also read and heard “Khudi ko kar buland itna ki khuda khud bande se poochhe, bata teri raza kya hai” meaning make yourself so determind that God is compelled to ask you what your destiny should be.

See the difference? It is the classic glass half full and glass half full. What you believe in determines your choice and your actions. Your circumstances do play a part in shaping your destiny but the biggest hero in your tale is you… just you.

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  1. Great quote, Ankita. I truly believe in it. This is what I was mentioning on that day regarding slut-shaming. You cannot change your circumstances but you can choose how you respond in a given circumstance. Happiness is a choice; so is misery. Choose wisely. 🙂

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