Shirt, Tie, Pinafore, Salwar… WTH?

I pass a school on my way to work and this morning, I happened to notice the uniform. The boys wore pink shirts, grey shorts and grey ties. The girls wore pink shirts, grey pinafores and grey ties… and black salwars underneath!!!

What I Like About Winter

I have always been one to dislike Winters… and this so this year I decided to list down the good things about winter… so here it is… yet another bulleted post :p

My Bridal Looks

There is love all around us. Specially today, you see talks of valentines on TV, on FB, on Blogs etc etc… For me, V-day was just another day… My marriage anniv was 3 days back and since we celebrate on 11th, we don’t bother with the 14th… Every year, I do a wedding related post …

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