Good to Gold #Colgate360GoldMornings

Yeah, you read the title right. I am not talking about The self help book Good to Great. I am actually talking about Good to Gold. I am not an early morning person but mornings still are the best times of the day. Open your window to smell the freshness and the early morning bustle will definitely give you a jolt of energy. Those mornings are Good Mornings. But then, what makes a morning truly awesome? What does it take to change a Good morning to a Gold morning? Not sure? Positive Attitude and Gratitude! Well, it is a fresh morning

The Morning Bustle

Mornings are the best time to look out of one’s windows I believe. Especially in  the cooler months. There is something about the crisp morning air of the feeble Mumbai winter that just awakens you and fills you with immense optimism and hope for the day to come. I also love mornings for all the activity I see below. There is a constant stream of yellow school buses and vans entering the complex gate. Little kids in their adorable uniforms half walking half running as the parents attempt to reach the bus stop on time. Makes me wonder why we