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Beauty September 10, 2015

Beauty Blogging #ThrowbackThursday

That I miss beauty blogging is no secret. I have said it so many times on social media and my beauty blogger buddies have responded too… I Miss Beauty Blogging [email protected] @Makeupmonologs @nidsgautam @corallista — Ankita Bhatia Dhawan (@anksy06) June 5, 2014 @anksy06 @Makeupmonologs @nidsgautam @corallista And we miss you beauty blogging ♥ — ISimplyLoveMakeup (@ISmplyLveMakeUp) June 5, 2014 @ISmplyLveMakeUp @anksy06 @nidsgautam @corallista I second that! Please do+ — Ikya (@Makeupmonologs) June 5, 2014 That btw is my older, defunct…

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Lifestyle August 27, 2015

Black, White and 67 shades of Grey! #ThrowbackThursday

Black, White and 67 shades of Grey

I have been blogging for more than a decade now. On and off and mostly for fun. So I thought of starting this #TBT series where I share old posts and my early memories related to blogging. I am still experimenting what works and so every TBT post you see could seem different! This post is from December 2008. In here I am talking about shades of like. All of them from Black, White and 67 shades of Grey! Last Friday,…

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Stories January 22, 2015

It tastes yuck – a 55 word Story #ThrowbackThursday


“Uhh, I’ve had this before, and this one I don’t like” “Try this M’am. Its called Raspberry delight” “What do you think Aman? Should I take this one again?” “Not this Jaanu. It tastes yuck” Red-faced, she replaced in the hands of an equally embarrassed salesgirl, the tube of lipstick she was planning to buy.     This post is part of ThrowbackThursday where I re-post older stories and ramblings from my previous two blogs into this one.…

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