Beauty Blogging #ThrowbackThursday

That I miss beauty blogging is no secret. I have said it so many times on social media and my beauty blogger buddies have responded too… I Miss Beauty Blogging :( @ISmplyLveMakeUp @Makeupmonologs @nidsgautam @corallista — Ankita Bhatia Dhawan (@anksy06) June 5, 2014 @anksy06 @Makeupmonologs @nidsgautam @corallista And we miss you beauty blogging ♥ — ISimplyLoveMakeup (@ISmplyLveMakeUp) June 5, 2014 @ISmplyLveMakeUp @anksy06 @nidsgautam @corallista I second that! Please do+ — Ikya (@Makeupmonologs) June 5, 2014 That btw is my older, defunct twitter handle! So today, I thought of doing a roundup of some of my favourite and popular beauty posts. Go

Black, White and 67 shades of Grey! #ThrowbackThursday

I have been blogging for more than a decade now. On and off and mostly for fun. So I thought of starting this #TBT series where I share old posts and my early memories related to blogging. I am still experimenting what works and so every TBT post you see could seem different! This post is from December 2008. In here I am talking about shades of like. All of them from Black, White and 67 shades of Grey! Last Friday, on the way back home I was tuned to a radio station as usual. The topic being discussed was –

A Musical Encounter – Throwback Thursday

As part of Throwback Thursday, I would be re-posting some of my older blog posts. I will try to make this a weekly feature. Like MicroblogMondays It is said that music connects people. Even if they are strangers. Sounds so clichéd na? And the type of thing you’d expect authors, journalists or lyricists to write. Its makes fine reading but in real life, such things don’t happen. Right? Wrong! They do. Something happened to me today while I was in the train. I was standing near the exit, waiting to alight at the next station. As everyday, I was flipping