Beauty Blogging #ThrowbackThursday

That I miss beauty blogging is no secret. I have said it so many times on social media and my beauty blogger buddies have responded too…

That btw is my older, defunct twitter handle!

So today, I thought of doing a roundup of some of my favourite and popular beauty posts. Go ahead and click on the titles to read them 🙂

5 Time Saving Grooming Tips for Busy Mornings

How many of you face crazy mornings? And how often do you skip your grooming? There are times I have left without as much as brushing my hair. But then, I realised that there are time saving devices that can be fit into the crazy routines. Here are some that I try. Read more

Review: Colorbar Velvet Matte Sultry Pink Lipstick

My most popular beauty post. It is the one that gets maximum organic search hits. I love the shade and how versatile it is. In the post I share swatches of the three ways you can wear this long lasting lipstick. Read More

Makeup for a professional Photograph

I once needed to get a formal professional photograph clicked. Before I became the makeup junkie, I would just brush my hair and get a pic clicked. But now, it would be a makeup crime. I read around a bit about how to do make up for a professional photo and made this six point list. Read More

Review: Lotus Herbals Pure Color Lipstick in Mod Mauve

Mauve is a tricky colour. When you find a good Mauve lipstick, you should stick to it! This is a great shade and goes with a variety of outfits. I reach for it a lot when I want a nude shade with a hint of colour. Read More

Day 9 – September Blogging Challenge

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)