Tips for a Healthy Stomach – #TuesdayTop5

Tips For Healthy Stomch Eat Frequently

In our sedentary lifestyle we often ignore the basics of healthy living. I figured there were a few small changes I could do in my lifestyle that would help me. I tried these and they did make a difference. Maybe these will help you too.

Tips for a Healthy Stomach

Have Plenty of Fluids

Tips For A Healthy Stomach Have Fluids

Ensure enough fluid intake. The simplest way is to drink two litres of water every day. Try sipping instead of gulping it down. Which means drink from a glass or a straw. In case you keep forgetting to drink water, use an app like I do. Else, simply set recurring reminders on your calendar.

Eat Frequent Meals

Tips For A Healthy Stomach Eat Frequently

Eat more frequent meals. Ensure that you Do Not skip breakfast. Have a mid morning and mid evening snack as well. Having healthy stuff like nuts or fruits is great. But if you can’t manage that.. any snack with a smaller portion is good.

Don’t Sleep Right After Meals

Tips For Healthy A Stomach Dont Sleep

Dont lie down immediately after any meal. A lot of us have a late dinner and sleep immediately afterward. We need to allow the meal to be digested a bit before sleeping.

Eat slowly

Tips For A Healthy Stomach Eat Slowly
Image Credit: Graham King via Flickr Editing: Anks


Don’t eat alone. Ensure there is a lunch table discussion or a dinner table conversation. This will slow you down and allow you to eat properly. You will also help the digestive process by eating slowly and chewing it well. It will also help your social interaction at work 🙂

Prep your Stomach for the Food

Tips For A Healthy Stomach Water

Drink water upto 30 mins before your  meal . This will prep your stomach for the digestion!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)