Vegetarian Indian GM Diet Day 3 : My Experience

If I thought yesterday, the Day 2 of my GM diet was difficult to manage since I was in the workshop… I had a rude shock on Day 3!! My maid took an unplanned leave and around mid morning we decided to get some chores done. I only could manage the following and was extremely faint by end of the day.

Menu for Vegetarian Indian GM Diet Day 3

  • Breakfast was 2 slices of water melons at approx 10 am
  • Lunch was a bowl and a half of GM wonder soup at 1.30 pm
  • Dinner was 2 slices of papaya and 1 apple
  • I had just about a liter of water

Vegetarian Indian GM Diet Day 3

Day 3 was a tough day for me primarily due to the exhaustion.


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