Valentine Shalentine! #MicroblogMondays

I used to be an incurable romantic… who got cured. As a silly teenager, I was all hearts and roses. (Ooh… 50 shades reference!) And then one fine day, any kind for of mush started to irritate me. Romance took on a different meaning and I dissociated it from the filmy and Mills&Boon notions of love. The one thing that was completely killed in the process was Valentine’s Day.

Why Celebrate Valentines Day

Now I was never a valentine kinda girl. Growing up, it was gaining popularity mostly due to Archies and Hallmark. It was something that the cool people in town did. And slowly even amongst all the protests and agitation, it became a popular celebration. Come January and you get to see loads of  valentine gift ideas, valentine getaways and valentine party ideas sort of articles in popular media. I for one, never understood the concept of celebrating a ‘day of love’. Is it not better to express love every day? Why do we need an yearly reminder? And if we do need a reminder? Why not daily instead of yearly!!! Someone help me understand please… Why Celebrate Valentines Day?

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10 thoughts on “Valentine Shalentine! #MicroblogMondays

  1. I think some people need the reminder; other people spread out their declarations of love throughout the year.

    We don’t celebrate it. Though we do get the kids a box of chocolate hearts.

    1. Yes I suppose so… I just wish people did not really need the reminder (myself included)… I have never really “celebrated” it myself… chocolate hearts sounds great though…. They are good anytime :p

  2. Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe people like to convey their love on this particular day…. we are so busy these days, we seldom have time…

    1. Just the thought I have; why a particular day? why not every day… we crib so easily… can we express love with the same ease?

  3. Well…I think if people celebrate valentine day or love affairs everyday it will hurt their pocket too much, hence keep it for a single day in a year… lol… Jokes apart, if you celebrate everyday then the joy of celebration won’t be there…that’s what I think.

    1. well yea… that is another perspective… works well for most things i suppose like birthdays, anniversaries et all… but having a day to tell people I love you?

      imagine how valentine gifts would be if they were to be given everyday? A love note or a hug or a kiss? rather than hearts and flowers 😛

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