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A to Z Challenge 2019

Ever since I remember, people praising me have called me cute (not that there have been many instances when I have been praised for my looks, I think I have been praised more for my mind and I prefer it that way!) As a teen, I used to wonder what was the difference between cute, pretty and beautiful, especially when guys classified them as such. Later on, when I interacted more freely with the guys, especially the male colleagues in my team, I realised that beautiful was the title given to girls they really admired but felt a bit intimidated by. Pretty was every good looking girl and the cute ones were the nice ones. Now, I may be completely wrong here but this observation etched the definitions in my mind.

A few days ago, I was at my mum’s place and was seeing some old pictures with my daughter who called someone cute. That remark made me think. Does that definition really apply? Or have I miscategorised the female population on the basis of incorrect observations. Even before the thought was completed, I felt ashamed of myself. Why must women be categorised thus? And more importantly, why have I been doing it subconsciously. If I see them differently, do I behave with them differently? These are questions I am still finding answers for.

 What about you? Do you feel the same? Do you agree with me or think I am bonkers?

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3 thoughts on “Cute #AtoZChallenge”

  1. I agree with your classification of the terms – or at least my teen self does! I was so critical of myself and others. Now I know I’m still too critical of myself, but I’m proud that I see other women and automatically think they’re beautiful because they are so strong and put-together. And you’re gorgeous!


  2. You’re right. We often define ourselves in way that come from the outside rather than from the insdie and we often don’t even realise it.
    That’s why I think you’re doing a great service writing this challenge. You do make us think. You are certainly make ME think.

  3. You’re mind blowing. You are handling two kids, one being a new born and doing so well in the field of writing. If I had to describe you in one word, it would always be superwoman.
    P. S. – I’ve always been termed as sweet, primarily because I gave been healthy all my life. Beautiful isn’t a word that people like to associate with plus sized women.

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