#BookReview – Bloody Desires by Percy PS

Bloody Desires by Percy PS

There was a time when I used to read a lot of romances. Well, like most girls, I dabbled with Mills & Boon. When those books became too predictable, I looked at other erotica but none seemed to hold my interest for too long. Why? Because they mostly had a flimsy plot. Most books focused on steaminess and less on story. After almost a decade, I picked another erotica. This book is by Prachi Percy Sharma, an author I met through NaNoWriMo. She holds a full time job and still has various published books to her name. Dedication is her second name guys.

Bloody Desires – The Plot

This is a short read and the plot revolves around the life of an upper class couple and their new young and hot neighbour that is narrated in flashback during a murder investigation. And no, I am not giving away the story here!

Bloody Desires – What I Liked

  1. The erotica is uninhibited, quite unlike some famous erotica that tides over things. In fact, if i did not know it, I would have thought the author is a male. Most female authors water down the steaminess.
  2. The murder scene is quite interesting. The setup and the way it has been described, you can almost see the scene unfolding right in front of your eyes.

Bloody Desires – What I Did Not Like

  1. There are a few unexplained plot points. When you read about the husband and the wife, the picture painted does not give you even a hint of what lies beneath. There are some similar points that did not make sense to me like the handling of the couple’s finances. I can’t reveal more without giving away the story (which I never do and in this case, I made a promise to the author) so read the book for yourself to know what I mean.
  2. The climax seemed a little rushed and again had unexplained points. If a high profile murder investigation is found inconclusive, how long before the authorities close the file? And no media storm? No manhunt for the missing wife?

Bloody Desires – Final Thoughts

Book Cover Bloody Desires by Percy PS
Bloody Desires by Percy PS

The book is a quick read. Good for a commute or on a lazy weekend afternoon. The writing is good, not too complex and yet refined. There are a few Indian authors that do not pay attention to the nuances of language. This one is not one of those.

The erotica is well done. It is definitely more explicit than romance novels. The story needed a bit more development in my opinion. A few more pages and a few more scenes would have wrapped it up nicely. Lastly, a little more delving into the psyche of the characters was definitely needed to be able to understand them and connect better.

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I volunteered for a complementary copy of the book in exchange for the review. It does not impact my views about the product though.

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