I miss studying!

I miss studying. It’s been almost five years since I have left college and now I realise how much I used to enjoy studying. Now I am not talking of missing school or college. We all miss all the fun there. What I am missing now is the actual act of studying! Weird you say? I agree. See the thing is, when you are studying, there is always something to do. Always an assignment to complete, a journal to be written, a lesson to be learnt. Your free time is restricted and even when you take a break, you know at the back of your head that there is something to be done. But once you are thru studying, the challenge is gone. In your free time you are actually – surprise surprise free! I feel it often when I see my bro sitting down and studying and I sit in front of the idiot box’s mindless offerings. And it’s not just the time thing, I also miss sitting at my study table with a stack of books and notes and studying. I was never a nerdy-too-much-into-studies type, but I used to enjoy doing that. Whenever I see students on the train or a bus, I would peep into their notes to see what subjects they were reading! Yeah yeah, I know it’s rude but I do it without realising that I am doing it. Today, I did it again. And then I said it out loud- the name of the subject that is! See, I was standing and there was this girl reading her hand written notes on the seat next to me. Her pages were full of complex equations and long winded explanations following each equation. So I said, “fluid mechanics!” It was supposed to have been inside my head and that would have been the end of it. Instead it came out loud! Loud and clear, for not only that girl but several others in the vicinity. Now can you imagine how damn embarrassing that can be? That girl, at least 5 years younger to me, was looking at me as if I was a lunatic! I agree it was a little strange, maybe even weird thing, but lunacy? How could she attribute that to me? Oh dear, kids these days, I tell you… But point is, when I saw her studying, I wanted to study too… And I wouldn’t have minded fluid mechanics as well… Err, lunatic was it?

Another post from my traveling days in Mumbai. Typed on the cell during an early morning commute and whipped out to be used on the blog at a time like this! By the way, if any of you are wondering what I do during my commute these days, I watch movies on the comp… but you know what, it doesn’t beat blogging and being plugged to the radio at the same time!

4 thoughts on “I miss studying!”

  1. Hahahahaha. I can totally agree with you. We students, while in our learning years, do curse studying and try to Diffindo all our books! 😀
    But, yes. I wonder what life will be like after studying so much. Boring, ain’t it?

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