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Kolkata, a city I saw for the first time last Friday, a city that is soon to be home. Where is the old world charm that I had read about? Perhaps it is there and I am oblivious to it. Perhaps it is buried deep beneath the layers of moss and grime that covers every surface. Perhaps I do not understand what old world charm means. Whatever it is, I found nothing charming in the claustrophobic streets, littered  bylanes and extremely crowded markets. Add to that the stench of rotting garbage that permeates the air every now and then, you have a sour taste in the mouth. Literally a sour taste in the mouth as bile rises up your throat ever so often. Now don’t go around thinking that I am a mall brat or a phoren returned snob. I am the girl who has lived almost all of her life in Mumbai. Crowded Mumbai. Stinky Mumbai. Noisy Mumbai. You can never see the whole sky Mumbai. Fast paced, opportunistic and impossible to  hate Mumbai. My first home, Mumbai. If I can love Mumbai, I can perhaps learn to love Kolkata as well. Will I? Only Time will tell…

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