My Envy Box August 2015 Review

I might be the last person on earth doing the My Envy Box August review! But I took the pics and so I am sharing my thoughts with all of you. I was very happy with the range of products in the box. The samples were varied and generously sized. Read on to know more.

What is My Envy Box

It is a subscription beauty box. On their website, they say that –

We are redefining the retail process by offering consumers a unique and personalized way to discover, learn about, and shop for the best beauty, grooming, and lifestyle products on the market.

I couldn’t agree more. I was quite happy at the products that were sent to me this month.

My Envy Box August Edition


My Envy Box August Packaging

Since August is Independence month, they were celebrating India in all its glory. The products and the packaging were very Indian. Check out the gorgeous motifs! This box is proudly sitting on my dresser now, holding the little knick knacks. This box was further boxed into a protective  boxed before being all wrapped up. The best thing was that the package was addressed to The Gorgeous Ankita! I mean who does that? Brought a smile to my face. Inside the box, the products rested on a bed of hay. It adds a bit of a rustic charm to the products. Does it not?

My Envy Box August Packaging


My Envy Box August had four products. There was one skin care, one makeup and two fragrances. That is quite a good spread in my opinion. It would be boring to have all skin care items for example. No?

Hedonista Oudh Frozen Itar

An Itar that has the texture of a balm and smells like the earth! I know that reviewing fragrances is a very tricky business. So I will veer off the technicality and tell you how it made me feel. Like little buds had cropped up on freshly rained soil. Get the picture? Very earthy and yet delicately feminine, it has an old world quality about it.

My Envy Box August Hedonista Itar

The product comes in an aluminium tin that is very handy to carry around in your bag because the cap is a screw on variety. The texture is balmy and it gets absorbed in the skin very easily by a gentle rubbing. I have used it twice to work and the scent stayed on for the whole day.

My Envy Box August Hedonista Itar

It has no artificial colourants, silicones or parabens and is priced at INR 1045 for 20 gms which is the size of the sample they sent. So, this is a full sized product.

Soultree Ayurvedic Kajal

This is an organic, handmade Kajal containing carbon black from vegetable oil, ghee and sweet almond oil. Perfect for those of you who shy away from using chemicals.

My Envy Box August Soultree Kajal

This is a colour kohl and is available in 12 shades. Apart from the traditional black, it comes in brown, green, blue, copper, gold and even red! I was sent the brown shade.

My Envy Box August Soultree Kajal

The colour is a deep rich chocolate brown and quite pigmented. However, this is a Kajal so it is neither waterproof nor smudge free. Check out the swatch below.

My Envy Box August Soultree Kajal

Soultree Kajal is available for INR 350 for 3 gms. This too is a full sized product.

Suganda Neem Green Tea Mask

This mask is meant for oily, acne prone skin. While I do not have acne, I do have insanely oily skin. The product claims to have anti oxidant and healing properties.

My Envy Box August Suganda Mask

I have not tried this mask and hence cannot comment on the product claims. What I liked about the product though is that it has rice as well. So the texture is a bit gritty. This should help in exfoliation too. I would have to use it to tell you how well it stands up to the claims.

My Envy Box August Suganda Mask

The mask is priced at INR 900 for 60 gms. The sample sent was again a full sized product.

Forest Essentials Iced Pomegranate and Kerala Lime Body Mist

Now that was a mouthful. Wasn’t it? This is THE BEST item in the box. A body mist that has a delicate floral scent that envelopes you for the whole day. I kept on sniffing my wrist the whole day when I wore it to work. I am very vary of floral fragrances since they have a tendency of seeming overly sweet and girly. This product has no such problems!

My Envy Box August Forest Essentials Body Mist

The mist is available at INR 1475 for 100 ml. The sample sent was 50 ml.

Final Thoughts on My Envy Box August Edition

I am very pleased with this box. Three full sized products and one extremely generous sample. The full value of products sent is INR 3032 and the boxed is priced at INR 850. Now I took a 3 month subscription so I got an additional 250 off on the full value.

My Envy Box is definitely a great way to discover new products without burning a large hole in your pocket. I am excited to see what they have in store for the month of September now!

My Envy Box August

Day 3 – September Blogging Challenge

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  1. all products seems to be interesting!! though i don’t rely on the claims of such products but sometime i do rely on the honest reviews for sure..I liked your review Ankita!!!

    1. Hi Tina, I know what you mean by product claims… and that is why we bloggers have a huge responsibility to share our comments and experience. Thank you for liking the review… hope you visit again 🙂

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