My Envy Box September 2015 Review

My Envy Box September Products

I received My Envy Box September 2015 edition two days ago. This time, they had addressed it to The Stylish Ankita. Am sure the security guard in my building would be wondering why I keep prefixing my name with such adjectives! There were four products in this month’s bag including two full sized ones. Did I like them? Read on..

My Envy Box September 2015 Edition


This month’s box is an elegant silver and black. I love this combination. I truly do. Infact, my home is done up mostly in these colours. The moment I received the box, the first thought I had was this is my colour scheme. My Envy Box September Packaging

Like the August Envy Box, the box was packed in another box and the products rested on hay like paper. I have seen some reviews of earlier envy boxes where they used to pack the products in a bag before putting them in the box. In my opinion, that would have been better. This month, the envy box did not snap shut properly. A lot of the hay like paper fell out when I opened the box.


Two amazing this happened. First is that I saw a video by Lisa Eldridge and thought to myself that I have not bought a nice nude lipstick in ages. The second was that I was reading some beauty reviews and a lot of them praised the brand Za. I had wanted to try the brand out. This month’s Envy Box had both!

 Catrice Ultimate Shine Lip Colour

Catrice is a brand that I first heard of in 2010 but have never used it. I have had a lot of blogger’s rave about it so am keen to check the lipstick out. The Catrice ultimate lip colour promises to be smooth with a creamy texture and medium coverage.

My Envy Box September Catrice Ultimate Shine Lip Colour

The shade I was sent is 270 Whats Ap-ricot? It is a definitely a light shade and I was seriously wondering whether it till work for me. Well, we will just have to see that now! While I am open to experimenting with colours and am okay if the shade does not work me (That is the point of beauty boxes anyway!) I am actually miffed that the lipstick was damaged. The bullet had scraped against something and was damaged 🙁

The Catrice Ultimate Shine Lip Colour sells for INR 610. This was a full sized bullet.

Update – Team Envy read this post and sent me a replacement. They sent me a Catrice Ultimate Colour in 320 Kiss Kiss Hibiscus. Read more about my Customer Delight Experience

Za Total Hydration Fresh Foamy Cleanser

This product was the winner of Vogue Beauty Awards 2015. I was thus doubly excited by this product. The description says that it removes excess sebum and unclogs pores. I am hoping this would well on my oily skin. The hydration claim should not leave the skin feeling parched.

My Envy Box September Za Total Hydration Cleanser

The product sells for INR 299 for 100 gms. The sample sent was really tiny though. It is 5 gms and would last 2 or 3 uses I unless this is one of those cleansers where you need the tiniest amount.

Trussardi Donna EDP

The great thing about subscription boxes is that you almost always get a fragrance to try out. Sometimes you strike Gold like we did with My Envy Box August with two fragrances and sometimes you get a teeny tiny EDP sample like My Envy Box September. Now Trussardi is a brand I have not heard about. Donna, the fragrance sample they sent is a Floral Oriental scent with fruity top notes and a sweet floral heart. This is the only item in the box that I have tried so far. I found the fragrance too sweet for my liking. Sickly sweet! Not a fan.

My Envy Box September Trussardi EDP

The Envy Box card does not mention the price but a quick Google search showed that 100 ml bottle of Trussardi Donna costs over INR 5000.

Davidoff Cool Water Shower Gel

Davidoff Cool Water is a quite a popular fragrance and to have received a shower gel of that fragrance quite thrilled me. I love water fragrances and this one is no exception. It promises to make an ordinary shower a spa like experience! I am very excited to try this out!

My Envy Box September Davidoff Cool Water Shower Gel

This sells for INR 1800 for 150 ml. The bottle sent is 75 ml. Since the gel is available is this packaging as well, this is another full sized product.

Final Thoughts on My Envy Box September Edition

I am sitting on the fence whether I like this one or not. Two full sized products is awesome. The cleanser is too tiny and I did not like the fragrance. Now if the lipstick works and cool water delivers on it’s promise, the My Envy Box September edition would be a hit else a miss.

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