#AtoZChallenge : Queen Latifah Quote

Queen Latifah Quote

Today’s authour is Queen Latifah. The Queen Latifah Quote I have chosen is

Queen Latifah Quote
AtoZChallenge – Queen Latifah Quote

How could I not do a quote about Women? The feminist in me would not rest peacefully. I liked this quote a lot. As much as I love my girl’s (who else gets excited at the thought of you buying a new dress or finding a place that does killer brows), I do know that it is women who pull women down most of the time. It irks me no end how judgemental we are of other women, knowing fully well the impact it has on them. After all, we have all been judged in our lives. Be it body shaming, judging parenting styles, career choices or just our attitude. In such a scenario, a woman standing up to say we are all queens is refreshingly different.

She goes beyond and asks us to celebrate our differences. We all have different things to offer. If only we would all understand that different is not wrong, it is simply… different! Like different pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, we could all fit together to make a beautiful diverse picture!

So ladies, try and recognise the queen in other women all around you and whenever you can, hold a toast to them.

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  1. Anmol Rawat

    I somehow agree with you that women needs to start judging themselves first. It begins from home, they say! However, I have seen the change in present generation. We can all teach our generations to be even better. 🙂

  2. Amrita

    A very apt post.We are all unique and perfect as we are.Women have the power for great change.Bt unfortunately petty behaviour sinks the boat!

  3. Sreesha

    While it has been said that women drag each other down, in my experience though, there are not many things as empowering as female friendships. No matter who we have in our lives, we all need our gang of queens 😀

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)