#AtoZChallenge : Peter Drucker Quote

Peter Drucker Quote

Today’s authour is Peter Drucker. The Peter Drucker Quote I have chosen is

Peter Drucker Quote
AtoZChallenge – Peter Drucker Quote

If you have been reading all my A to Z Challenge posts, (sincere thank you to you…) you guys have probably seen the underlying theme. I have selected most quotes around the Law of Attraction, self improvement and feelings. This one does not exactly fit into the theme. But then, communication is a subject close to my heart.

In today’s world, we say things that we do not believe in and do not share our true feelings. Even though we get very good with poker faces, sometimes the veneer drops and the true feelings peek through. Every expert on communication says that non verbal cues are more important than the verbal ones. When we are communicating, we need to be concious of what we are saying without actually saying it. However, when we are receiving, it becomes paramount to be able to understand the usaid. I also believe that it is more difficult in our personal lives and relationships. We deliberately hide our pain from our loved ones so that they are not stressed or worried. They can figure out that something is wrong though. Mothers especially have this sixth sense and hence I say Mommy always knows!

What do you guys think about this?

A to Z Challenge Peter Drucker Quote
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  1. Ravish Mani

    Ankita, I agree with the quote but you have to be very cautious because the chances of misinterpretation are high when you’re reading between the lines.

  2. Sreesha

    Loved it.The people who you would want in your life for a long time; these are the people who listen to you, and understand the things you don’t even say.

  3. Shailaja V

    I love this quote because it puts emphasis on listening more than speaking. This is one of the strongest pillars of communication. The best and most empathetic people I know are good listeners, the kind who listen from their heart and make you feel needed and acknowledged.

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Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)