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The traffic signal is a spot for trade in our cities. You can buy everything from newspapers, novels, magazines to peanuts, flowers and soft drinks. Not to mention the cleaners. The ones who have a rag in their hand that they move over your windshield and windows, often leaving it more dirty than before! One such guy was cleaning the car next to mine today. He did the usual- windshield, driver’s window, passenger window and a customary parikrama of the car to show he did the other glasses as well. One would expect him to rush over to the driver’s window and demand payment before hurrying to the next car. But this one did something different. 
He stopped in front of the car, giving the driver a full view of what was to come next. He raised his hands above his head and broke into a dance! It wasn’t a jig, mind you. It was a dance. His arms and legs moved in broken coordination and for a full 30 seconds, he smiled and danced. Once the driver was smiling, he went over and asked for payment. I don’t know what that guy paid him for, the cleaning or the entertainment. But i do know that he was paid. In the time it took for the signal to turn green, he’d cleaned and entertained yet another car. All the passengers were smiling in that one too. 
I think it was a great way of softening up his customers. Lets face it, nobody asks these cleaners to clean. They do it on their own accord. And then demand payment. Most of the people don’t want the cars cleaned and often end up not paying the children. The time this guy spent dancing was definitely lesser than cleaning another car. I have no doubt that he gets paid every time! As for the people driving, they forget the stress of driving and smile. The others get a free show. Isn’t he making the world a happier place?

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