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Hi everyone, hope all of you had a fantastic new year’s eve and then a great start to the year 🙂 Any year that
starts with a 3 day holiday can only be awesome. No? As I said in my last post, the year that has gone by, it has had it’s share of highs and lows. So right now, I want to celebrate the highs with you. I did a highlights of 2014 in pictures post at the beginning of last year and want to make it an annual tradition 🙂


Jan being the birthday month, highlight can only be birthday! I wore a short dress for the first time in my life. Well, that is one item ticked off the list 🙂

Birthday LOTD
Birthday LOTD


Feb was our anniversary. We crossed the seven year itch and took our annual vacation to celebrate right afterward.

Mom and Baby
Mom and Baby playing on a beach in Kerala


I went to US on work in March and landed there a day after a massive snow storm. I even joked with colleagues saying I brought the sunshine from India for them! It was my first experience of staying in a snowy place! I even saw Washington by day this time.

Anks in Snow
Frozen Potomac River in Washington


April was a good month blogging wise. I attempted the A2Z Blogging Challenge, did a few sponsored posts and was even interviewed on Bhavita’s blog. I even ended up winning a contest at Prasad’s blog Desi Traveller and he sent me the chronicles of Kerala Blog Express.

Kerala Blog Express


I kicked off May attending a two day workshop by Traci Ann Kurtis called You Inc. It was a great place to learn all about branding yourself. May was hubby’s birthday and we had a fun family day.

Anks in Black Dress
Hubby’s Bday OOTD


June brought out the monsoon and multiple work trips by hubby! I spent a fabulous afternoon with Suman. She is such great company. I look forward to our meetings all the time. June was her birthday month and we met a few days after that 🙂

Anks and Suman
Suman’s Cake


July was pretty much a low key month. The highlight would have to be a Frozen themed birthday party that we attended. It is significant because my daughter learnt of the extent of preparation needed in a theme party and began talking of themes for her own. Also, this would have to be the point the Frozen madness began with her!

With Olaf


We shifted to a new home in August and this time the shifting was very smooth! I wrote all about my shifting experiences in a Microblog Monday post. I attended the Asus Divas Meet and a Chef’s Table at Eat Pray Luv. The chef’s table was a first time for me and I had such awesome time meeting old and new bloggers 🙂

Bloggers at Eat Pray Luv
Bloggers at Eat Pray Luv (Pic Courtesy – http://www.maaofallblogs.com)


September was a busy busy month! My daughter turned 5. On the day of her birthday, we celebrated in school, day care and then a family lunch. The weekend afterward, we did a Princess themed party where all her friends were invited. I was the emcee of the evening and what a fun time it was!!! Everyone including the kids and the parents had a super awesome time 🙂 Then came Ganesh Chaturthi where we did Lalbaugcha Raja Darshan. We left at 3 am and were back by 6 am – all before sunrise! My team at work also had an outbound on a beach resort near Mumbai. So all in all, it was a hectic month.

Lalbaugcha Raja
Lalbaugcha Raja


October brought with it our first visit to Kidzania – a role playing activity park for kids. My daughter and her friends had such a good time here 🙂 I also attended a photography workshop and learnt some basics of photography by Xerxes Adrianwala who is an avid trekker and amateur photographer. The highlight of October though was Karva Chauth!

My Karva Chauth OOTD and Mehndi 2015
My Karva Chauth OOTD and Mehndi


November began with a bang called BNLF! I met Purba Ray!!! Need I say more? Well, I do… my daughter won a silver medal in a Karate competition!

BNLF Attendees and Speaker – Suman Kher, Purba Ray and CyberNag


December too was awesome thanks to Indiblogger. I was short listed for Zica Drive in Goa. There were two more meets on the same day! The festival spirit kicked in and we got all Christmassy. I also began hosting a giveaway on my blog. I ended the year relaxing at home with a book, a glass of wine and some vanilla scented candles. My pals from the Zica trip all sent Spock Hand selfies to Ankita Singhal who created this gorgeous collage!

Spock Hand

That’s all folks! See you next year with another Highlights post 🙂

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  1. That is one eventful year. Hope that you have the same fun this year as well.

    I forget what happened yesterday. And you remember all months of the year. Kudos to you. 😀

    Have a great year ahead. Happy New Year.

  2. Wow! That must have taken you sometime to write! I don’t think I can write stuff month wise. Too much memory jogging reqd! 🙂 Please continue to remain my inspiration to write more this year! Hugs!

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