Highlights of 2015 – Pictures from my life

Hi everyone, hope all of you had a fantastic new year’s eve and then a great start to the year 🙂 Any year that starts with a 3 day holiday can only be awesome. No? As I said in my last post, the year that has gone by, it has had it’s share of highs and lows. So right now, I want to celebrate the highs with you. I did a highlights of 2014 in pictures post at the beginning of last year and want to make it an annual tradition 🙂 January Jan being the birthday month, highlight can only

Highlights of 2014 – Pictures from my life

Happy New Year! As we get into the new year, I looked back at 2014 and realised that this has been a very eventful year. Here are the highlights of each month 🙂 January I had a Chinese themed birthday party where both my and my daughter wore matching Qi Paos and posed together. Was loads of fun. February Early in Feb was my daughter’s Sport’s Day and they had a story themed sports day. Here are the girls getting ready for rabbit race. They had a crow and stone race too for their class! March March is when she