Indian Vegetarian GM Diet : Why Am I Trying It?

Indian Vegetarian GM Diet

The  first time I heard of GM diet,  I scoffed at the idea. I was a totally idealistic girl back then and such a huge foodie that the idea of a crash diet was simply  unacceptable. Years later, I mellowed down and decided to give it a shot. This was in 2008. I was able to do the first three days with ease and then on the fourth day, the milk and banana day I cried. I actually cried during dinner time and hubby coaxed me into giving it up. I lost about 2 kilos that time.

Next time I tried it was 2012 and I did not go beyond half a day. I kid you not.

Indian Vegetarian GM Diet : Why Am I Trying It?

This time when I decided to give it another shot, I want to be sure that I don’t give it up. That is the reason I am going to be micro blogging about it here. I can take a moral high ground and say that I am doing this for detox but the truth is that I am doing this to counter the effect of all the pigging out I did in the recent past!

Indian Vegetarian GM Diet

About GM Diet

This is a 7 day diet that focuses on restricted items and unlimited portions. That is my kind of diet really and probably the main reason I went ahead with this one. If you are like me and need your generous portions, then this is the diet for you. GM diet works as a great detox diet too. The Indian Vegetarian GM Diet version is as follows

GM Diet Day 1

This is a Fruit day. Consume all the fruits that you like except bananas. Watermelons, Cantaloupes and Melons are encouraged. Water intake should be at least 10 glasses or approximately 2.5 liters.

GM Diet Day 2

It is recommended that breakfast be a large boiled or baked potato topped with a bit of butter. Post that, eat as many vegetables as you want throughout the day, raw or cooked. No more potatoes though. While cooking the vegetables, restrict to one teaspoon for the entire day. You can use as many spices as possible and very few salad dressings like malt and white vinegar. Use herbs and garlic for flavouring. Water intake is 10 glasses or approximately 2.5 liters.

GM Diet Day 3

Day 3 is a combination of day 1 and day 2. All fruits except banana and all vegetables except potato. Any combination and eat all you can! Water intake is 10 glasses or approximately 2.5 liters.

GM Diet Day 4

Milk and Bananas. Upto 8 Bananas and 3 glasses of milk. If this is not enough, supplement with GM Wonder Soup. Water intake is 10 glasses or approximately 2.5 liters.

GM Diet Day 5

In the traditional version, this day is supposed to be Beef and Tomatoes. In the Indian version, beef can be substituted by fish, tofu or paneer. At least 6 tomatoes need to be eaten. Increase water intake by 1.5 times. So you have 15 glasses or 3.5 liters on this day.

GM Diet Day 6

This is a beef and vegetables day. In the Indian vegetarian version, this would mean paneer and vegetables. No limit on portions.

GM Diet Day 7

On the last day, you eat brown rice, vegetables and fruit juice. The only day fruit juice is allowed. While the diet itself does not suggest a substitute of brown rice which may be difficult to get hold of, a lot of people substitute brown rice with oatmeal or cracked wheat ( daliya ).

GM Wonder Soup

As a supplement to all the above, you can have unlimited quantities of GM Wonder Soup every day. While GM Diet prescribes a recipe, it also states that the ingredients are flexible. It is basically a vegetable soup and you can add veggies as you like 🙂

GM Wonder Soup Recipe


  • Water: 1 Liter
  • Onions: 2 Large
  • Capsicum: 2 nos
  • Cabbage: 1 nos
  • Tomatoes: 2 nos
  • Celery: 2-3 Sticks


  • Chop all veggies
  • In a large wok, saute onions and capsicum with a teaspoon of oil
  • When the above are light brown, add the remaining vegetables and water. Bring to boil
  • This needs to simmer for at least 60 minutes


  1. Other than vegetables and peas, you can add pretty much any vegetable mix to the soup
  2. Add spices and herbs for flavouring. Avoid salt if possible
  3. Add lime juice or malt vinegar for taste

My Experience with Indian Vegetarian GM Diet

This section was updated after the diet 🙂 Read on for my experience with it every day.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7

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    I tried GM diet twice in the month of june this year. With a gap of 4-5 days. I did lose 6-7 kgs bt dunno why it didnt show on my body. I looked exactly the same. I was 60 when i started gm and 54 when i did it twice. Didnt cheat at all. Any reasons tht u realize..lemme knw

    1. Post

      That is really weird… although each body is different… a friend of mine did not lose anything after 5 days and she gave up… did you check your weight again? Perhaps on a different set of scales?

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