As a mother of an energetic 5 year old, am always looking for meaningful ways to engage her. While I am no dictator when it comes to TV and tablets, we do have a weekends only rule for TV. There are exceptions a plenty to that rule, mostly when I am travelling or out late. Luckily, my daughter goes to a day care that has tonnes of extra curricular activities. That has been a major plus with them. She has been exposed to Karate and pottery along with the usual dance, music and art & craft classes. The trouble is that she is now amongst the senior most children there and all her friends are leaving one by one. I know it is only a matter of time before she needs to leave the day care. To ensure that she is meaningfully engaged then, I have started looking at activities for her already.

So, when I came across KleverKid, I was definitely intrigued. I loved the idea of exploring on an app rather than asking around in my friend circle or even facebook mommie groups. Technology is helping us in every aspect of life. If I can book a cab and order groceries using an app, why can’t I find extra curricular activities for my kid? I excitedly downloaded the app during lunchtime. While the chap in my canteen tossed my salad, I signed up and excitedly begun to explore. The first thing that struck me as odd was that even though I had enabled location services, I still got results from Bangalore and Delhi NCR. I went on to manually search for the location and realised that the only options available were Bangalore and Delhi!

KleverKid App
KleverKid App – Clean Simple Interface

After lunch, I checked out the website and realised that KleverKid is available in only these two regions!!! I was really looking forward to finding a dance class but was unable to. They showed Kidzania and Little Reader’s Nook for my location and the rest of the results were from other regions. It was a bummer really. I was then informed that they are introducing Mumbai as a region in December 2015. Can’t wait till they do it!!

The app design is minimal and it loads very fast. The activities are categorised into Sports, Art, Music, Dance and even Academics and Communication. I saw dance listings and was impressed by the huge number of results, I could drill down further to the areas and suburbs. Similarly, each category I explored has lots of listings. Each address is geo-tagged and can easily be opened on the map. Not only are the phone number and course details listed, you also get access to the social media links of the classes. I loved that each description contains the student teacher ratio and a place for parents to add reviews!

Having looked at the app, I am quite sure that it is a great help to busy parents. You can easily download the KleverKid app from Google Play Store by clicking here. Alternatively, you can visit the KleverKid website here.


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