Oh God, I don’t have any shoes!

My little one is two going on sixteen. Honestly, she needs her face packs, creams and lipsticks just like mommy. Her outfit has to match. Her accessories have to go with the outfit and she gets a pick of shoes every time we step out of the house. Dressing her up for playschool every morning is a definite challenge and loads of fun. Imagine having a doll to play dressup that has her own opinions 😀

So this is what happened last night. When hubs came home from work, we had an errand to run. He said lets  leave right away. I started getting her ready. When she was all dressed sans the shoes, I began getting ready myself. She went off to show her outfit to her father saying I am ready. He asked her to wear shoes as well. So she comes to me and asks for her shoes. I tell her that I will help her with the shoes in a few minutes. She did not like this response and says, “I’ll get my shoes”. She looks around in the room and doesn’t find any. Can you imagine what she says next?
“Oh God, Mere pass koi bhi shoes nahi hai”
“Oh God, I don’t have any shoes to wear”
I burst out laughing. When I told my husband, his eyes bulged out and we both agreed we will have some tough tween and teen years ahead. Sigh!


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