Drape A Smile – A JAMM’s Social Initiative

JAMM’s now brings Drape A Smile – their fifth Social Initiative. After Step Up and iLight, they are now collecting 910 saris to commemorate the 910 days that JAMM’s network has been in existence. I am sure that like me, you too have some saris tucked in to the back of your closet or under your bed that are rarely ever used. We don’t wear saris all that much these days and then there are those saris which were gifted to us and not quite our style, or we have newer, trendier ones to sport on those rare occassions that we

Help Tiny Feet Walk – with Step Up

JAMM’s is a Mumbai based parenting support group. Every year, they take up a social initiative and this time it is Step Up. Before  I tell you about step up… think about this…. How many pairs of shoes do you own? How many pairs of shoes does your little one own? How many pairs of shoes are kept in your shoe rack, untouched for ages? Now add up the amount of money you spent on these shoes. Keep that figure in mind while you read on…. Village children between 6 to 10 from the Mulshi Taluka in Pune, namely Aandhale,