Happy Birthday Lifestyle Of A Professional

Hi everyone,

If you came by yesterday and read about my Blogging DNA, you know that today is my blog’s birthday. I moved to this domain exactly a year back. This last year has been truly phenomenal for me and I have learnt a lot about blogging and writing. I have taken chances, pushed my self and received a lot of love from my readers. My heartfelt gratitude to all of you for visiting, reading and commenting. A blogger lives by the interaction and feedback from the readers. You guys have been awesome!!!! Thank you… 🙂

The first people in my thank you list are my family (who put up with my crazy times to blog, the random events and writing deadlines) and my bestie (my most loyal reader who shall remain nameless!). A very very close second are bloggers who I met in blogsville but are my friends now –

Suman who is a wonderful, wonderful friend!

Suma, Ikya, Rauni and Neha who make me miss the beauty blogging community everyday 🙂

Corinne, Maniparna, Somali, Rupam and Archana and many more for their thoughtful comments….

Disha, Divsi, Ekta, Prerna– the cool bloggeristas in Mumbai!

Sanjay, Clementia, Vipra, Sulagna and Simran – the event buddies 😉

I explored twitter in a big way and found some lovely friends there. We were forming a slow bond through all our twitterversations. I even did a gratitude post on it this year.

Blogging wise, I truly pushed my boundaries. I attempted the A to Z Challenge in April and could not finish it. I am quite proud of the posts I did then though. In May again, I attempted the NaBloPoMo, another daily challenge that I could not complete. I was convinced then that daily blogging challenges were not for me. However, in September this year, I took up the 30 Day Challenge. I am absolutely thrilled with the amount of posts I have written and that I have managed to stick with it this far! The best thing is that I jumped into the 30 day challenge without any planning and have yet kept at it 🙂 Speaking of challenges, there were several photography challenges by Cee that I participated in. They were fun and the icing on the cake were the few occasions I was picked as a featured entry! I have also thoroughly enjoyed doing the Microblog Mondays hosted by Mel. Lastly, the Mundane Monday challenge by Trablogger.

I posted on a variety of topics this year. The most popular post still remains Types of Mothers by Shraddha, which is till date the only guest post I have!!! Don’t you guys wanna write guest posts for me? :p

I cannot say if my writing has evolved or become better over the last year, but my blogging surely has and all of my readers take the credit for it. You have helped me become better. So hope to see you guys around as usual!




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