Huma Qureshi on Femina and the HHC Debate!


Read this post on HHC this morning and have to say, I am so sick and tired of our media potraying beauty of women in a certain way that I am practically off mainstream media

Kudos to the team that came up with this cover and to Huma for making such a statement about her body image and the lack of need to confirm to social norms.

Huma Qureshi Femina July 2014 Cover
Huma Qureshi Femina July 2014 Cover

I remember an incident where people told me about a new girl at work who a lot of them admired. Agreed she had style and confidence but I wasn’t as gaga over it. When asked the reason, I said that I don’t admire stick thin girls. Being big and round curvy, I have always found the need to explain why I am not obsessed with my weight and figure. Even today, I have become more fitness oriented than body image oriented. I realised that shrinking to a size 4 just ain’t enough motivation for me… now completing a half marathon, that is more like it 🙂

Pinkathon - 10K Marathon

Thats Me after completing Pinkathon last year

Pinkathon is a 10Km Women’s only Marathon organised to raise awareness for breast cancer among women. Read more at Pinkathon India Website


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