My Brother Bestest

My brother – has undoubtedly been my oldest friend. I realise this today as I look back several decades that somewhere along the line between mothering him, supporting him and fighting him… we became friends who could share everything with each other. As kids, we used to play together and one of my earliest memories of us is telling him stories before we slept every night. From there to holding the mic as he sang for his bride-to-be, we have indeed come a long way. As teenagers, we were so different and even though there were very few things we

Unconditional Love

I have now begun to believe more than ever that there really is no unconditional love in this world… Everybody who loves somebody loves them for a reason and does within the boundaries of their own perception of love. Because the boundary is different for each individual, acts of love may be random… But never unconditional… Never above self… Never without reason…  From my Facebook Status


They say change is the only constant. But when the change is for the worse, how do you cope with that? Some time back, I had a successful stint with the Wheat Belly Diet and lost a few inches. The change was noticeable and lots of people commented on my weight loss. But then, I had to discontinue it. I tried to maintain it by the occasional GM Diet  but that is not a sustainable solution. So, my weight loss reversed and over the last few months, I have put on a lot of weight. I did stop eating carbs and

When #LaundryGoesOddEven

In most Indian households, men doing housework is odd, more so when the man in question is your elderly father in law! I am one of the blessed few who gets tremendous support in chores from my FIL. When I was invited to do the Laundry Goes Odd Even challenge, he readily agreed. For our challenge, we used the Ariel Matic washing powder specially made for washing machines. Having a fully automatic washing machine does make it incredibly simple to get your laundry done. You however need to be careful of washing your delicate clothes in a different mode and sorting out clothes

Belling the CAT – Did you do it?

A while back, my blog buddy Vee told us that she has been accepted into a prestigious Global Management School. That sparked off a memory of my initial career years and the race to do an MBA. When I was in the final year of engineering, my class was divided into two main groups – those who wanted to do MS and those who wanted to do MBA. An insignificant statistical minority like me wanted to work. An MBA was a maybe option and I had convinced myself that I did not need one right away. Back then, I just