#KarwaChauth… Regression or Choice?

From the last few years Indian social media and even mainstream media sometimes goes crazy every October. The reason… the big KC. KarwaChauth…. Those who call it regressive, do not understand that celebrating festivals and observing fasts is about the sentiment and the gesture. All festivals are symbolic then why the big hullabaloo for KarwaChauth alone? Why do people light lamps, keep doors open and pray to Goddess Lakshmi on Diwali? Are you really expecting a gold laden woman in a red saree to walk in and suddenly eleviate your financial burdens or elevate your financial status? Why do they

The romanticism of Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth is the most celebrated festival in Hindi movies. Isn’t it? Thanks to Yash Chopra (RIP), the entire nation knows about the rituals of it! I think he is also responsible for a new breed on converts who want to fast even if it is not their tradition to. I have always pondered what drives women like these to want to fast the whole day. And I think the answer lies in the romanticism created around the festival. The dressing up in lovely clothes, gathering together, doing puja and then song and dance! Honestly, the guys who have directed