Poovar – A Dream Holiday Living on Water

I am a complete water baby. The only form of physical exercise I really enjoy is swimming and a vacation for me means being near water. Anything else is well… travel. And believe me when I say, there is loads of difference between travelling and vacationing! For starters, a vacation means most things are taken care of in advance. It also means, you don’t do a whole lot. The best time spent would be at the edge of a water body in a comfortable lounging chair, a book in hand and a cool drink to sip (endless refills please!) Does

Kerala Vacation – Varkala

After some research and lots of planning for Kerala vacation, we were finally ready to start our annual trip on 21 Feb 2015! Kerala Vacation – Varkala Travelogue Mumbai to Kochi We had a very early morning flight from Mumbai. To board our 5.30 am flight, we were at the airport well before 4.30 am. After the check in and the security, we came to a kiosk at the airport where they were giving makeovers to the ladies. Now imagine a vacation that starts with a free makeover… has to be a good one right? The lady did an awesome job

Kerala Vacation Planning

I wrote about the research for my Kerala vacation in the last episode of Kerala Vacation series. Armed with the research and having struck off popular places like Munnar and Thekkady, we were looking at beaches along the coast and the backwaters. So we decided to do a road trip along the coast line. Starting at Kochi, we were going to go all the way to Trivandrum and back. While looking at the map, hubby remarked how close we were going to be to Kanyakumari. On a whim, we decided to include the southern most tip of the country in

Kerala Vacation Research

It has been over a year since I took my annual vacation to Kerala and I have not yet posted about it. So, I am finally penning down about my journey before the trip fades to a few hazy memories in my head. Kerala Vacation Research – The Pre Planning I call the stage of vague ideas and Research the Pre planning stage. We had taken advantage of an air line offer and booked our Mumbai – Kochi – Mumbai tickets well in advance. We figured we had plenty of time to do the research and come up with a

Using Expedia to plan a Vacation and how 27 Coupons can help!

We took a family trip to Kerala last month. Those of you who follow me on Instagram might have seen my posts about the sunsets, the backwaters and my vacation outfits. Some of you may have read my Vacation Planning post here as well. Kerala was a destination we had been wanting to do for a while now and we were primarily interested in the backwaters and beaches. When we looked at the standard tour packages offered for Kerala, we realised that they had only 1 or 2 days in the backwaters. Customizing the package was not economical. So, after speaking to