Dan Brown’s Inferno : My Thoughts

I read Inferno a while ago. Not Dante’s Inferno. Dan Brown’s. I used to be a big fan of his and have read all his books with enthusiasm. Since reading the Lost Symbol, I had started to feel a bit disillusioned. Inferno just took that feeling to completion!
Like every Dan Brown Novel this too had a heroine with super human IQ. Like every other Langdon book, the professor is clueless and is continent hopping on a trail of clues. Like every Dan Brown book, the world will end… I can understand writing in your comfort zone but honestly, that feeling of Deja Vu kills it. If I wanted to read the same thing, I’d pick my well read copy of the Da Vinci code again.

Inferno by Dan Brown

I know how tough it is to write a story. I know it is even tougher to write a book. Trust me, I have tried. As a result I have great respect for whoever manages to complete the book. And Dan Brown is a brilliant writer. His books have the twists and turns that keep the readers on the edge. Just wish he’d develop characters outside his preset moulds.


Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)