Learning From Life

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I have realised one thing that I need to do. And that is documenting my learning from life’s incidents and revisit them again and again. So often, we go thru a situation that teaches us something. Once it is over, the daily grind settles dust over it and it fades from memory. When I try to think back at such situations, I have to try very hard sometimes 🙂 Does it happen to you as well? So you have to try hard to be able to recollect things gone by?

And then when I do recollect things, I recall how I felt in that situation a lot more than what happened. Needless to say, my emotions are better embedded in the brain. Come to think of it, that is the reason that different people recall the same situation differently. As years go by, the versions could be so different that they might not be talking of the same incident!

I digress. The point here is that I want to keep a journal of my learning. So that I can read it from time to time and pretend to be wise!

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